Seapage provides Ship Management and Crewing Services to oil and gas sector. We are building a platform for better ship management and to be the most preferred crewing solutions. In order to meet our client’s expectations and drive business outcomes, we work closely with our marine advisory units to provide vessels and crew the best services they deserved.

Seapage is known for providing good track records and providing reliable ship management and crewing strategy. We develop a business model that enable us act as independent ship managers while the ship owners concentrate on their core business functions. We act on behalf of the ship owners and assume the responsibility for the operation of the ship and taking over all the duties.

Our team actively involved in the total process starting from ship flag registration with country flag, and fixing trading certificates and any other relevant documents before vessel is put into charter depending on the Class of vessel. We comply with crewing regulations to meet up flag state requirements and ensuring that the ship is operating and in compliance with STCW 2010, SOLAS, ISM Code other IMO enforced laws and regulations. We strictly follow BIMCO Standard Ship Management Agreement to avoid any non-conformity

Our team of experts ensures the ship is maintained with good regards to proper seamanship by ensuring COSWOP, MARPOL and ISM Code is properly implemented for safe operations of the ship while keeping the ship in good condition and ensuring ship stores are fully supplied always as expected by the owners and to avoid sanctions from Port State Control and government authorities.

Is our job to monitor, analyse effectively and understand market trends while providing ship owners with the current market challenges and to have required budget controls for the vessels. We arrange and chose a competent port agent to provide inward and out ward clearance for vessels, when berthing and leaving berth and paying local taxes to the port operators for loading and offloading of cargo. We are consolidating management and crewing business unit to enable us create significant opportunities for our customers.

Crewing Positions and Strategy

In seapage, we understand that competent and required crew contributes to seaworthiness of vessels and competent crew makes a good vessel. We are licensed to provide full crew starting from Master, Chief Officer, 2nd Officer, Chief Engineer, 2nd Engr, 3rd Engr, Oilers, Bosun, Abs, Cook and Messman. We sort for best hands in the industry with required experience for their roles and ensure they are all STCW 2010 Manila Convention compliance as enforced by International Maritime Organisation (IMO). We act as your logistics partner to coordinate crew movement to and from the ship to the airport.