Over the past 5 years, ship owners have witnessed a shrink in the profit making and a rapid surge in laying up of vessels due to the current downturn in the offshore industry and overcapacity of offshore fleets in the market. Seapage strategy is to bring ship owners and client together to conclude contract which are mutually beneficial to both party and with government policy in encouraging Local Content Policy “Business Men and Ship owners are open to Foreign Technical partners for collaborations

In this vein, we do know that shipbroking is a demanding career and require extreme dedication to succeed. However, seapage team of brokers are specialist intermediaries/negotiators and act as an agent for ship owner and are responsible for the business of the ship by securing contracts for the vessels using local content power and government policy. Our team of expert responsibility is to counsel and guide our clients on the type of charter, the routes and risk involve in choosing a charter. We work with both locals and foreign ship owners in partnership and this has strengthened business relationship and restored hope for ship owners working with seapage instead of vessels lay off.

We are actively involved in marketing of a ship tonnage (ships) to customers/shippers and charterers. Seapage team negotiate spot/time charter for our clients while we maintain records or tonnage within the company’s data base. We do also assist in many stages of setting up and negotiating deals, including presenting the business to potential clients, negotiating the main terms of the contract or sale and seeing it through to its conclusion and any follow up that may be involved.

Build up a database of contacts and keep a close contact on the shipping market, interpreting trends and seeing opportunities for clients is what we do at seapage to ensure we build trust and a long lasting business relationship with our clients.


Shipping and maritime has always been a rewarding business and require team of professionals to handle the arms of business due to its complex nature. In this vein, we sort for best hands of master mariners, marine engineers and certified auditors in the industry to advice our clients in setting up a good track record for the future.

Seapage team work interfaces with many different stakeholders from technical disciplines both onshore and offshore, externally and internally to get the job done at least expected time. We aid Support in managing support vessel contracts/requirements and providing marine support for all COMPANY marine activities.

It is our job to act as Deputy for Marine Supervisor/Marine Superintendent during periods of absence and we periodically visits the marine operational sites and vessels to verify SMS implementation. Additionally, we assist our clients in coordinating planning for repair periods to ensure your vessel meet Classification Society standard and in compliance with IMO regulations.

In the aspect of cost, we Identify cost efficiency and reduction opportunities and provide leadership for implementation. We develop, and steward bid process for new hires. We actively participate in and supporting coordination / agenda development for annual Ship Owner meeting. It is our job to steward vessel schedules and fuel bunkering marine fuel bunker scheduling and make it more cost effective.  We work with Procurement on contract actions for all marine support vessel contracts and General Services and stewardship of contract cost.

Since safety is our top priority, we act as contractor safety stewardship and establishing of quality assurance program and its implementation. We involve in Marine Transportation risk assessments, HAZOPs and risk screening and support for action item closure while Providing your company with Marine input during emergency response plan activation. Our team of experts will Conduct risk assessments for rigs and vessels and develop company SMS for vessels

After leading you through a productive and successful pathway, we won’t bid you farewell, but we are there to carry out periodic review of Contractor and COMPANY Marine Procedures. We develop and implement marine procedures for new projects/operations to ensure you meet up with the standard of operations globally. To optimize your operation, we provide technical input/support for long term marine strategies. As technical as the job is, our team of experts provide technical marine support for Marine Transportation and all other COMPANY marine activities.